Found in the downpour yesterday, crawling along next to the road:
Bedraggled and shivering (insert violins)...
...but soon dried out!

If you live in Shanghai, and you're looking for a cat, email me:

She seems healthy, and eats solid food. Will need usual vaccinations, worming and flea/mite treatment.

I'm not going to be here long enough to keep her.

Update! She's staying with me for the next couple of months until I leave.

It's been about a week; she's already fatter, less docile and better at chasing lasers/chewing feet. Also, free of fleas - thanks to an overpriced bottle from the vet >:l


I'm going to be living here for the forseeable, so she's no longer in need of a home.

Loooong time no update. She's still alive, hasty photo below. Cat sized now.

I quickly slapped together this page a day after picking up the kitten; I panicked (never having looked after a cat before!) and hoped to find a new owner as quickly as possible. By the end of the first week or so I had a potential couple lined up, but I also had cat food, a litter tray and flea spray! Eight months or so later and she's still with me.

This page, rather than dying as expected, has been spreading itself around the net. I think it's time to make Utopia work for her meals and so the following is shameless product promotion:

I've been working on a Shanghai photo book, and it's finally left the printer (currently in boxes in a ship), available for pre order on out now! and in shops soon.

If you're interested there's more info at

Fresh kittenage above.
This site is still getting a few hits (as of 26/06/2012)! So, here are a bunch more pics:

AND! Bonus videos I'd forgotten about. 1 & 2 (in mp4, right click and save)